So, you’ve probably noticed some big changes. That’s right – we’ve gone through a rebrand! Goodbye Jones Tax and Benefit Solutions, hello WestboundHQ.

Firms choose to rebrand for a number of reasons; ultimately, to give a new look and feel that better represents where a company is, who it caters to, and the values it holds at its center. We felt our old brand missed the mark. It didn’t represent us, and – most importantly – it didn’t represent the people we serve.

Our new name embodies who we are, who you are – and where we’re both going

Although we’ve changed our name, there’s one thing that’s stayed consistent: our commitment to serving you, the hard-working truckers who are the backbone of this country’s economy.

We wanted a name that represents the importance of the work you do and the growth you want to achieve. We also know you’re afraid of being taken advantage of, so we sought a name that says we’re in your corner, and we’ll be your stability against IRS audits and tax confusion. We spent a long time examining the values that drive both us and you, and combined two concepts that encapsulate them:

Westbound: Like the drive that first inspired ambitious entrepreneurs to head west, our clients are seeking growth, improvement, and prosperity.

HQ: Even when you’re always on the move in the trucking industry, you need a homebase. We’re that homebase for our clients, providing them stability and a hub of information and support.

Our new logo represents adventure and your journey to growth

Developing our new logo was a chance to create a visual identity that represents our values and our clients. One of our core beliefs is “clarity through strategy”. Creating a bold and uncluttered logo was a way to visually summarize that this value is at the forefront of how we work.

Here’s what we did:

  • We chose a truck grille as the foundation of our logo. We love the trucking industry and know each truck on this country’s highways contributes to our economy, so it was important this was featured front-and-center.
  • The shapes behind the grille showcase the ‘W’ in our name, and represent more than that: they form a mountain landscape that stands for adventure and exploration. Like our name, they represent the journey along the great open road in your truck, venturing westbound to growth and opportunity.
  • They also represent strength and power: your commitment to a sometimes challenging job on the highways, the importance of the trucking industry to our nation, and our knowledge and experience to help you maximize your tax savings.
  • We chose strong colors with earth tones. These show knowledge, adventure, and freedom. Freedom of traveling on the open road, and the freedom of knowing you’ve got us in your corner to remove the confusion of taxes.

When we pull all these elements together, it forms our new logo that represents what we stand for: clarity, growth, and serving you in a no-nonsense way.

We dug deep to identify our values and place them at the heart of everything we do

There are certain values that have always been at the core of our firm, whether it was Jones Tax and Benefit  Solutions or WestboundHQ. Working with owner-operators in the trucking industry, we know you’re wary of being taken advantage of. We know you do hard, honest work and you deserve respect and clarity.

To give you this extra clarity, we examined the values that act as the fuel behind WestboundHQ, so we can be upfront about how we operate and what we believe in:

  • Transparent honesty. Our clients and teammates deserve no less than our unfiltered opinion when asked, or needed.
  • Clarity through strategy. It’s in the guts of everything we do.  Productivity without strategy is wasted time.
  • Reputation is priceless. We’d never expect you to cut corners in your job and we don’t either.  Half-assed work isn’t a part of our vocabulary.
  • No jerks allowed. We respect you and the work you do and ask the same in return.

Every email we send, every phone call we make, every way we operate will hold these mantras at the center. Our clients believe in our values – it’s what makes us work so well together. They guide us to treat you how you deserve; with knowledge, care, and in a straightforward manner.

So, while we have a new visual identity, we still hold the same values we always have. We’re still here to take that weight off your shoulders knowing your taxes are optimized, and to give you that solid ground underneath your feet – even when you’re driving.

If you think we could be a good fit to help optimize your taxes, get in touch with us.