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How per diem works for long haul owner-operator truckers

Long-haul truckers with nights away from home have two options to deduct food expenses: Record the actual expenses (save or scan your receipts!), or Claim per diem. What is per diem? Claiming per diem simplifies deductions for food expenses when you’re traveling for business away from home.  Instead of keeping all of your food receipts,

Social Security Benefits – How my business impacts my future Social Security and benefits

Social Security tax is paid on our taxable income earnings to fund our future retirement benefits. The more we pay into Social Security, the more we get paid when collecting our Social Security benefits. If you work for an employer, you and your employer split the Social Security tax every paycheck.  Social Security tax is

Don’t count on total PPP loan forgiveness if you do not have employees on payroll.

If your business does not have any employees, the forgiven portion of your Payroll Protection Program (PPP) loan will likely be calculated as a formula.  This means that sole proprietors and partnerships without payroll will have to repay some of their loan. The moral of this story is that you should NOT exhaust your PPP

SBA PPP Loan Forgiveness

If you received a loan through the SBA Payroll Protection Program, congratulations!  SBA guidance continues to come out on what will be needed to calculate the forgiveness component so this article focuses on a few tips to make the calculation easier.  We’d all like to maximize forgiveness, although it is going to be difficult to