We know and love
the trucking industry

Your best interests are always top of mind

Gone are the days of having to use a generalist for your taxes. We know the trucking industry because that’s all we do. And we love it.

We are good human beings who care for each other and our clients. Our goal is simple: deliver accurate tax returns, communicate effectively, and educate ourselves and our clients to keep everyone on the same page.

We’re trusted by hundreds of truckers

We know you’re vulnerable to scammers and we hate it too. Your job can feel treacherous at times, you don’t need tax to be an added risk.

We’re proud to support this industry, and hold ourselves and our clients accountable to a set of core principles:

The Westbound Way


We are helpers

We’ll always speak honestly and give you the very best advice. You won’t be taken advantage of.

Clarity through strategy

It’s in the guts of everything we do. Productivity without strategy is wasted time.

Reputation is priceless

We’d never expect you to cut corners in your job and we don’t either. Half-assed work isn’t a part of our vocabulary.

No jerks allowed

We respect you and the work you do and ask the same in return.

Chris Jones
President of WestboundHQ

Though I’m a qualified Tax Advisor, an engineering degree and a background selling wholesale parts definitely contributed to my love of the trucking industry. I built WestboundHQ to combine my love for deep strategic thinking with a simple goal: to help my trucking clients understand how to optimize their taxes.

Kong Vang
Operations Manager

My focus is on creating solutions and helping clients find small wins. I love to go the extra mile to meet clients with new ideas.

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