De-mystifying tax in
the trucking industry

We lift the heavy weight of taxes for truckers who do their own bookkeeping

As a professional driver, it can be hard to separate business from personal.
For many of our clients, the trucker life is in their blood. It’s a lifestyle choice as much as it is a business opportunity.

You have some idea of what you’re doing financially, but you want to get it right.

Unsure what’s a business expense vs a personal expense
Dreading a letter from the IRS and wishing someone else could help
Confused about risky tax advice and worried about getting scammed
Needing reliable advice on selecting the best entity type for your business

We exist to help owner-operators file accurate tax returns without overpaying along the way. We remove the tax confusion and make sure you have a plan that goes the distance.

“I’ve never heard anyone explain it like this before”

That’s what we hear most often from the truckers we work with.

We believe it’s important you have someone in your corner who understands the industry. You deserve to be heard and recognized for what you do to make the economy what it is today. You’re a pretty even keeled person, laid back, but you care about your business. We do too.

Feel safe and secure with a trusted tax plan

From fuel tax credits to idle times to truck depreciation, we’ll look at your taxes from all areas, figuring out what saves you the most money.

Turn signal services

Tax turn signals, like ones you see on the road, are signs to shift direction. Our Turn signals service means we deal with your tax return, and we help you spot where and when it’s time to change direction to get you where you want to go financially.

Tax tune-ups

You’ll need regular tune-ups. And just like with your truck, if you skip them… you may pay the price later. We’ll recommend when and how often you need these tune-ups.


Preventative maintenance

Get a tax plan so there are no nasty surprises. This includes tax projection updates and general bookkeeping reviews. One is included in your turn signal service.


In-frame overhaul

It’s not a small job, but it has to be done to keep your business running well. This includes S-Corp election evaluation, self-renting, complex projections, etc.


Out-of-frame overhaul

Rebuild better with major bookkeeping update, entity formation, audit work, etc.


Get reliable advice and support

Make tax one less risk on your journey

Get free advice on trucking industry topics